4th Time to the Zoo

We went to the Zoo today. Singapore Zoo is one of the better zoos in the world, so I am told.

This time round, we took more photos and I get to see the elephants closer.

All set and ready!
I think he is called Ah Meng
The white tiger kept looking at me. I’m scared!
Waiting for the elephant show
Mummy and baby, just like the animals
Finally found a kangaroo that is willing to pose and take photo
Posing with my great grandmother
Huge turtle
Wow! Look!
A new animal has been discovered
So engrossed
Conquering the snake
I did it
I want to sit on it too
I’m so hungry

Timeout. I need to eat.


That’s it for today!

I’m dead tired…

10 thoughts on “4th Time to the Zoo”

  1. Hi Walter, You look awesome in the picture where you conquered the snake, almost like Harry Potter! I couldn’t find the Follow button of your blog though. Do let me know how Ii can do it. Thanks!

  2. Walter – Welcome! To DailyBiblePrayer.wordpress. May God bless you with encouragement, direction and protection as you grow in your relationship with Him through the scriptures and spending time in prayer!
    Be sure to click on the scriptures at the bottom to read and see what God will share with you personally!

  3. I visited your blog because you were kind enough to follow mine! What an amazing blog for someone who is only 2. I wonder if your parents help you to write it some times! It looks like you have a really interesting life, and I really enjoyed your zoo pictures. Best wishes, Michael

  4. Hi Walter, I love all you colorful pics of your time at the Zoo. I’ve been to the Zoo so many times and its always fun, though I am tried of walking, but nothing beats the fun of seeing all those animals and this will be my very first time seeing the Singapore animal and Zoo. I hope you had a good time there with your dad and thank you, so much for sharing your time with Dad at the Zoo.

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