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Had a fantastic field trip yesterday with my teachers and classmates. We went from the east side of Singapore all the way to the west side of Singapore.

Vegetable farms are not common in Singapore anymore because of the scarcity of land and cost of the land. So what’s left hopefully can be preserved.

Besides learning different stages of plant growth, we learn different ways of growing the edible plants.

The owner has a small area where he kept a parrot, terrapins and even a turkey!

Enjoy the video above.

8 Replies to “School Trip – Vegetable Farm”

  1. Wow!

    Going from the east side to the west side of your country and your island, Walter.

    No, vegetable farms aren’t that common in Singapore.

    I wondered if it used modern technology.

    So you learn about seeds; roots; shoots; flowers; leaves.

    The scarcity and the cost of the land – big problems everywhere.

    Terrapins are wonderful – so are parrots and turkeys.

    [I remember a visit to a farm some 30 years ago now where there was a turkey].

    1. Lol, yes. It’s really an island country. From one end to the other is less than 1 hour if there is no traffic jam.

    1. Hi Rebecca,
      Yes, it’s cool. My daddy has a small balcony garden that I love. I always pick the leaves there to feed my 2 terrapins.

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