I Get to Eat Shake Shack Without Any Queue!

Shake Shack from US opened in Singapore recently. There is always a long queue just to try the burger. From …

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Last Meal before Leaving Malaysia

Before leaving Malaysia, we stopped at this place called Skodai to eat lunch and shop a bit.

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The Wedding of Audrey Jiejie and Lucas Korkor


Jiejie in Chinese means sister and Korkor means brother.

We came all the way …

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Road Trip to KL, Malaysia

We are on the way up to attend a wedding. The bride is my mummy’s cousin. They are using their …

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Movie – Spider-Man: Far From Home

I’ve been watching Marvel’s movies for the longest time, even longer than as I can remember. LOL. Because my daddy …

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1st Dental Visit

Today is the first time I visited a dentist. It’s good that I have seen my cousins while they are …

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4th Time to the Zoo

We went to the Zoo today. Singapore Zoo is one of the better zoos in the world, so I am …

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Balloons balloons everywhere!

My favourite! Balloons everywhere. In all shapes and sizes… I’m so excited!

I didn’t keep …

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2 Years of Heguru…

I’ve been attending Heguru since 6 months old. I’m now 2 years 7 months old.

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2nd bake – Pandan Chiffon Cake

Helping my daddy whisk the ingredients together.

Using a hand mixer to mix the batter.…

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