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It was fun making this lantern. Mummy, daddy and I had a great time. Mummy was worried almost all the time that I might mess up the colouring. Daddy was so cool. He just let me be.

Last year, we did a robot with motion-activated lights. We forgot to take photos for the steps involved.

This year, I requested to have Paw Patrol theme. I know all the characters by heart. Daddy was shocked and impressed by me. Daddy tried to take photos of each steps.

We took this out from an old lantern.
I painted the bowl red.
We wrapped aluminum foil over 2 circular styrofoam to make them reflective.
I painted these sticks.

Are you able to guess what the sticks are for?

This is done by my daddy.
The top of the lantern

We stick a Paw Patrol logo on the red bowl, then passed the light bulb through the hole in the bowl.

This is the rim of the hat.

It is actually made from 2 identical plates. The main plate was coloured red. The yellow strip is from another plate which mummy cut out and stick on top of the red plate.

Attaching the reflective top on top of the red plate.

There is a Coca Cola bottle cap in the middle of the reflective styroform top. The light bulb is also passed through the bottle cap.

This is Marshall’s fire hat.

By combining the red bowl and the plate, plus sticking Marshall’s badge in front, it is now Marshall’s fire hat.

Posing with all the Paw Patrol characters.

I am ecstatic to have all these characters on the lantern. Daddy printed out the pictures, then mummy helped me stick them on the sticks that I painted according to the colour scheme.

The Paw Patrol Carousel Lantern

There is a Coca Cola bottle in the middle. We placed all the sticks with the characters around the 2 reflective styroforms.

Another view of the lantern.
Bringing it to school.
It’s quite a big lantern,

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