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It’s Children’s Day today, we went to the zoo because it is a school holiday. This time round, the experience is less than perfect. This is due to the Covid-19 situation. The entry to the zoo is by appointment. If you are late by more than 45 mins, you are no longer allowed in. And everyone must wear mask, except the animals (haha).

The first stop.

Many animal shows are cancelled including my favourite elephant show. There is a show at 10.30am but the queue is so long that by the time I reached there at 10am, the avenue is full and we were told to move on.

Still manage to see my favourite elephants and take photo with them.
The white tiger in the zoo

My daddy told me that this white tiger actually killed a zoo keeper many years ago. He never told me until today. I was so scared that I did not dare to pose with it.

The Komodo Dragon
Another favourite animal of mine – giraffe
This guy appear in Lion King right?
These too, appeared in Lion King
It’s coming after me!
Busy eating…

I took some photos using my own camera too.


Oh, haha. My camera can add cute pictures as an overlay.

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