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My daddy is starting a new category in my blog to get some education funds. He said I am spending way too much money but he said it is not my fault. It is just how Singapore is… VERY Expensive…

Anyway, the first digital product he is selling is a subscription-based image compression tool. By compressing the images without sacrificing the quality, websites get to load faster. Visitors are happier.

It comes with a plugin for wordpress and I have it installed on my site as well. Images uploaded are automatically optimized to become smaller without reducing the quality.

If you take a look here, this is the tool he is selling. Check the subscription cost at the main site.

As he has the agency license, you can subscribe at a special deal.

There is a limited amount of licenses he can sell. So first come, first served.

Sign up with my daddy using this link. My daddy will set up your account once the subscription is confirmed.

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