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My daddy has been cracking his brain on what do to with me during this circuit breaker. When he is not working, he is at home and he has to entertain me.

Jenga! and I am pretty good at it

After Jenga, it is reading time.

Maybe I should do podcasting too. :p Just record my voice and send it out there into the open.

3 Replies to “Day 7 of circuit breaker – Jenga!”

  1. Hey, just a quick note to say that I have a little sister who had to be entertained so I thought you might enjoy knowing about a game I played with her once. We set four chairs in a square and pretended it was a car. She had a blast and enjoyed it for a long time.

  2. Walter,
    You seem to have the best days! Keep having fun and enjoying the time with your family, years from now you will look back on this as a great time in your life, time spent with family.
    Maybe you could try a day of hide-and-go-seek? Your dad hides something and then you seek it. Then you hide something and then your dad trys to seek it.

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