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In my nursery, we have a mini performance for our parents at the end of the year. I believe a lot of nurseries have that too. This is my first ever performance. I hope you like it!

I am in N1 which means nursery 1. Next year, I will be in N2, then K1 (Kindergarten 1) and finally K2. After which I will move on to Primary 1.

These videos are from my mummy’s phone. My daddy has not uploaded the videos from his camera. But they are about the same. Except my mummy was so excited until she forgot to record the finale. LOL

The videos might take a bit of time to load if you are the first viewer because the platform my daddy upload to will re-code the video to suit the size of the screen. No worries, it will load eventually.

I started smiling after I spotted my parents.

We take turns standing in front to perform so that our parents can record our dancing better! My dance partner is normally not like this. I am not sure what happened.

Another dance routine. Some of my friends are crying because they are suddenly on stage!

Same process here, I moved to the back so that my friends can come forward to dance for their parents!

It was a fantastic day! And my parents are super proud of me!

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  1. I think it is so cool that you have a blog, Walter. I’m guessing your parents are helping you with this. Thanks for viewing and following my blog. Best wishes. David Joel Miller,

  2. The videos are the cutest videos! I used to love the programs my kids were in because there was such enthusiasm and they were always so proud.
    I could watch these all day.

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