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Shake Shack from US opened in Singapore recently. There is always a long queue just to try the burger. From what my daddy says, the queue is always 1 to 2 hours! For a burger – no way!

Today, as my daddy is on leave, we go to Jewel early to beat the queue. We arrive at 9.45am outside the restaurant. There’s already a short queue outside.

This is in SGD

We ordered 3 burgers of different sizes. Which one do you think is mine? :p

They ran out of bell peppers so they replaced that with tomatoes.

I’m thirsty!

I love the french fries with ketchup. The beef patty is juicy.

I think it is nicer than omakase burger.

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  1. Walter,

    my recent favourite burger was kimchi burger at the Cranbourne Botanic Gardens in Australia.

    And my Dad has been known to make burgers for me – Australian burgers, usually with the lot, including beetroot and excluding egg.

    How good are these shakes? Mine include lime and caramel and banana.

    And these wavy fries seem to be the top of the top.

    Do you like fries with sauces?

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