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I’m sure if you’re not in Singapore, you’ll not know what circuit breaker means now.

Well, schools are closed. Most adults have to work from home. Reduced going outside of the house. No eating outside, only can takeaway.

It’s almost like a lockdown…

I played with Lego.

I built a colourful house!

My daddy also downloaded a colouring app on my iPad mini. After showing me the few controls and functions, I managed to play with it.

4 Replies to “Day 1 of circuit breaker.”

  1. Hi, Walter, playing with lego looks like a lot of fun, and your pictures are really nice!

    Your circuit-breaker sounds a lot like the “stay at home” order we have here in Indiana (USA). We are on day 15 of ours.

    Be kind to your mom and dad! Best wishes.

  2. Walter: circuit breaker sounds a lot like “stay at home” in Portland USA. Keep working on those legosand maybe some day you can build a palace.

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