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Started to learn swimming from another coach today. I had swimming lessons since I was 6 months old… However, because of a near drowning incident, I developed a phobia to swimming.

My parents managed to find this great guy who used to teach my current swimming teacher when he was a kid! LOL

Below are just 2 short clips of what went on today.

I have a phobia of putting my head below the water. But I think I managed pretty well as seen below.

There is Covid-19 virus in Singapore too. But I think we are controlling it pretty well.

As my daddy is pretty busy with the Covid-19 situation, there is lesser time for him to help me post.

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  1. Congratulation Walter. When I three years old I almost drowned in the ocean, but some lady pulled me out of the water. For a long time I was afaid to put my head under water – until I was about 8 years old. You are doing better than me.
    what is your Dad doing about the COVID-19 situation?

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