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Yesterday was National Day, the birthday of Singapore. Independence from Malaysia 54 years ago.

As usual, my family meet up with the rest of the extended family to feast on food and watch the National Day Parade.

I had a great time eating junk food and lollipop. It’s actually my first lollipop.

Every family brought some food (potluck), so we ended up with a lot of food. Fear not, we don’t waste food, so we brought back some, to be eaten over the next few days.

My mum carried my youngest cousin, Luke and I was quite upset (jealous). So I don’t want Luke anymore. I thought he is a nice baby.

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  1. Walter, thanks for following my blog. You are probably the youngest follower that I have even though your dad probably helps you a lot. Singapore is one of my favorite cities in the world.
    You seem to have a very nice large family based on the family picture that I saw. Enjoy searching my blog by keyword or number for quotes and read as much as you can understand. Best wishes. Sincerely, Uldis

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