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We are on the way up to attend a wedding. The bride is my mummy’s cousin. They are using their wedding in KL, Malaysia.

It’s the first time I am going to KL. It’s the first time I’m on a road trip with the extended family.

I’m super excited!

After eating biscuits, I want to check my teeth!
The driver drove on the road shoulder! Tsk tsk!
At the hotel lobby
Reached the hotel at Seremban

We finally reach Seremban. Not KL yet. KL will be tomorrow. We’re at Seremban to have the traditional tea ceremony first.

The tent where food is served
The Chinese tradition to have a roasted pig

This pig is heavier than me!

The family portrait

I’m taller than my daddy and mummy.

Where’s Walter?

The girl in red behind me is the bride!

After the tea ceremony, we’ll take a car to KL for the dinner tonight.

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  1. Always good to get the family together for a road trip.

    I came here because of a Belgian-American man called Eric who also went on a road trip with members of his family. [also a train and tram trip].

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