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I’ve been watching Marvel’s movies for the longest time, even longer than as I can remember. LOL. Because my daddy loves action movies (1st love is food).

When I was much younger, my mummy would put me in the carrier and I’d just listen to the movies. After a while, I’ll get cranky and my mummy will have to bring me out of the cinema to avoid disturbing other people.

As I get older, I can sit through the movies longer. Today is the first time I managed to sit and watch the whole movie from start to end without climbing the chair, without talking or screaming. The secret is… Popcorn! I love the movies because I get to snack on popcorn.

But usually, even with popcorn, I’ll get restless after an hour or so. Today is different… I’m watching my superhero – Spider-Man! I was so engrossed that I didn’t even touch my popcorn for awhile.

I get to pose with my superhero!
Having a crash course.
You are not supposed to see me do this!
And this!
Please don’t reveal my identity!

I like this movie better than the last (literally, at least for now?) Iron Man because no good guys die.

And I see Spider-Man failed but he got up and try again. My daddy whispered to me just now… “It’s ok to fail as long as you get up and try again!”

6 Replies to “Movie – Spider-Man: Far From Home”

  1. I also saw tje Spidey today😀.. You got a great learning takeaway from the movie.. It Will help you in any situation and at any age. 👍 Also remember the Peter tingle.. It helps too!

  2. Walter, I’m glad you’re enjoying the movies. My kids love going to the movies just for the popcorn as well. They love the different seasoning they can have. Love the pictures. These are epic!

  3. Spider Man (and your dad) are right — failing is okay as long as you keep trying. I’m enjoying your blog very much, and following your adventures.

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