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Using WordPress as a blog with all the plugins inevitably exposes our sites to exploits and loopholes.

Within a week, there are already 3 reported vulnerabilities discovered. Fortunately, it can be resolved easily using updates and patches. What if the hacker has already gained access into your site before the patch or update is available?

If you are using the plugins mentioned in these 2 sites, please do an update asap. (InfiniteWP Client and WP Time Capsule) and (WP Database Reset)

My daddy can provide you with 2 protection options:

  1. Astra Security Pro Plan – they are charging $24 monthly or $19 monthly if you pay yearly. They provide firewall and malware removal. My daddy can provide you with a license for $16.80 per month on the Pro plan. My blog is currently being protected by Astra Security.
  2. VirusDie – they can scan your site daily, remove the malware automatically and also provide firewall to your site. They are charging $49 monthly for 5 sites. My daddy can provide you with a license for $6.86 monthly for each site. No point paying for additional sites if you don’t need it. If you have 2 sites, then you just need to pay for 2 sites license.

So if your site has not been protected, it’s time to do so asap.

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