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It is Lunar New Year or commonly called Chinese New Year. It’s not just for people in China. All Chinese will celebrate this day no matter where they are. We always gather at my auntie’s house to have a feast.

Giving manadarin oranges to my elders

Wishing them healthy and prosperous. Getting red packets back in return.

Red packets are what married couples and elders give to the younger generation. It’s supposed to be for luck. But it also contains money. 😉

Trying to play with my younger cousin
Adding ingredients into “Yu Sheng”

Yu Sheng is a traditional dish where ingredients are added one at a time. Every ingredient has its own meaning.

The last bits which are the crunchy golden crackers.
It means plenty of gold on the ground.
Posing before the messy part.
We will toss and mix the ingredients together. The higher you toss, the better your luck this year.
My cousin and his parents.

Now the food…

Disclaimer. We are in Singapore. We don’t eat wildlife, bats etc. We eat normal food. :p

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